Kawaii Finds

Kawaii Finds

So a few months back I went on a vacation to mexico for a month. It was so much fun. The place is so full of history and tradition. I loved it. The whole trip there was a blast, but the really fun part was the shopping! Mexico is full of little shops, mom & pap stores, and lots and lots of flea markets! I knew that I was going to come home with all sorts of kawaii goodies. I’m really into kawaii pens and notepads. I cant get enough of them. So the whole time I was there I was constantly on a look out for pens! I came home with literally dozens!

The trick to growing your collection is to be on a constant look out for thing. I’m not saying go crazy and buy every color of these adorable finds. I’m just saying always keep an eye out for kawaii goodies. Some times you’ll find them in places you never expected them to be. For me it was in Mexico in little paper shops. I’ll post more of my kawaii finds in a later post. Just thought I would share a pic of these super adorable gel pens that I love so much!

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