New Craft: Stamps

New Craft: Stamps

I have always been interested in the art of stamp making. I was in Hobby Lobby recently and I decided to finally pick up the Speedball Linoleum Cutter that I had read so much about. My biggest inspiration came from an art blog called Geninnes Art blog. I found a couple posts that she had done that talked about her techniques and about the tools she used. She does awesome work. Her Hand Carved Stamps Tutorials  really helped me out. Her pic tutorial was really easy to follow. My first carving was inspired by a cute pin on pinterst. I’ll upload pictures of the process in another post and do a rubber stamp tutorial. I just wanted to share this cute little dala pony with you guys! Soo cute! :] I’m still learning new techniques and trying to be  patient as I learn how to master this tricky craft, but I’m pretty much in love with it. Practice makes perfect… well almost.. :]

kawaii stamps

kawaii stamps : drew sunshine face in with pen :]

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