Craft Haul!


Craft Haul!

The other day I ran to Joann’s to pick up a pastel pink paint for cupcake decoden pieces I am making. I ended up purchasing a few more things than I anticipated!


I browsed by the clay section and noticed that all the polymer clay was 50% off. So I stocked up! I prefer to use white clay and paint my charms whatever colors I want. I usually use Premo! Clay, but I have wanted to try Fimo Soft too. This was the perfect time to try it out.


Show from left to right is #2 Liner, #6 Round, #4 Filbert, #6 Filbert.

These brushes are the best inexpensive line of brushes that I have ever found. They are the Loew-Cornell Soft Comfort line. Each brush that I purchased was $2.99. I like them because the fibers are synthetic and wash really easily. I also love that the handles are not painted, they are a rubberized material. My biggest complaint with cheap paint brushes is that with repeated washes, the paint on the handles can chip, crack, or get rough. With the rubber handles, this issue is eliminated!


The paints I picked out were all ones missing from my collection. It is very easy to mix paints to get the perfect color, however, sometimes you need to use multiple coats to cover a project. Having the exact color you want makes consistency in coats and also in decoden projects super easy. Shown from left to right is Plaid FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Paint in 660 Pure Gold, Delta Ceramcoat in 02658 Think Pink!, and DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint in DA215 Peony Pink. The color I went to Joann’s for is Think Pink!


I don’t have a favorite brand of acrylic paints. If I hand mix a color several times, then I write it down and the next time I am in a craft store I pick one out that matches the hand mixed color. I haven’t had any trouble with any of the brands of paint that I have tried. All of the paints shown in this post were priced under two dollars, I can’t remember the exact cents. Shown from left to right is Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in 02590 Passion, 02489 Lime Green, and 02587 Paradise.


Here are wet paint swatches of the colors I bought. Shown left to right, 660 Pure Gold, 02658 Think Pink!, DA215 Peony Pink, 02590 Passion, 02489 Lime Green, and 02587 Paradise. I am excited to paint some cupcakes pink and make some new projects.

❤ Rock Kandy Cult

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