Sassy Starfish


Sassy Starfish

This starfish has so much personality. When I painted him, I added some neon red paint to a medium pink shade and got this hot coral. Adding neon acrylic paints to your regular acrylic paints brightens colors and makes them more intense. They seem to glow and really stand out. When I use this technique, I make sure that I have a solid layer of color down first, without any neon paint. Neon paint tends to be sheer, making full opacity difficult. After the base color is dry, I mix more of the base color with some neon paint and layer it on top. I especially like using this technique when the charm has a lot of texture, it allows the sheerness of the neon paint to bring more dimension to the charm. The paint clings to any indentations and makes them appear more pronounced. I love making bright summer charms when it’s snowy out, it helps me look forward to warmer weather.

❤ Rock Kandy Cult

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