Zoya Skylar Nail Polish


Zoya Skylar Nail Polish

I recently canceled my Birch Box subscription and had points that I needed to spend. There wasn’t a whole lot to choose from on the Birch Box site, but I think I managed to pick out some good stuff. Today, I am going to show you Zoya’s Skylar nail lacquer. The shade is a medium blue with a lot of gold and silver glitter. The color has a lot of gray in it, which makes it seem softer.


This polish is thicker than I would like and applied a little bit streaky. I needed three coats for full opacity. This polish has worn really well; it’s probably one of the most chip and wear resistant formulas that I have ever tried. I am really hard on my nails, working with clay and paint everyday, among other crafts, so for me to have four days of no chips is really rare. I am new to Zoya, this was my first experience with the brand and know I must try more.


This color reminds me of the ocean on a cloudy day when there is still enough sun to make the ocean sparkle. It is soft and wearable and might be a good blue for someone who is afraid to try blue nail polish. This isn’t a color that I would normally go for, I usually prefer shades that are bright, pastel, or very dark. This is a nice addition to my collection, it is very different from any polish I already own. Sorry about the messy nail painting, that’s how I roll. I usually just let any polish that goes outside the lines hang around until it flakes off in the shower LOL!

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