Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler in Rose Gold


Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler in Rose Gold

I recently canceled my Birch Box subscription and had some points to spend. I saw this eyelash curler on the website and was intrigued. My current eyelash curler isn’t working for me. It’s an inexpensive one by Revlon and just doesn’t fit my eye well. I decided to try the Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler in Rose Gold. This curler costs $20.00. I absolutely love the slanted tweezers I have from this brand. I have used the same pair for years, way too many years to admit to, and they still work great.

The color of this curler is a soft rose gold. You can see the rose gold best where it meets the plain gold of the box. I hope that with time the color doesn’t fade, it’s so pretty. The handle is comfortable to use and I like that it doesn’t have any grip. I feel like it will be easy to keep clean and sanitize when necessary. The curler comes with three replacement “curler sponge things” (technical term) that come in a tube.


This curler curled so well for me. It is definitely the best curler that I have ever tried. I have used two drugstore ones (one Revlon curler, one I can’t remember the brand), and then one Lancome curler that I lost several years ago. I remember liking the Lancome curler, but not as much as this one. (Lancome has a new curler out now, which is not the one that I tried.)


Please excuse the color editing in this photo. I had to change this photo because without the plain gold on the box, it was difficult to tell that the curler was rose gold. Upon comparison of this curler versus my Revlon one, the arc is very similar. The Revlon is just slightly bigger. I think what really makes the Tweezerman design work amazing for me is the short band. The Revlon band is substantially larger. This curler’s top metal band is short and that really allows me to get close to my lash line comfortably. For reference, I have small eyes that are a rounded almond shape. This curler is still a little large for my eye, though it is the smallest one that I have tried. The only negative I could find is that I wish this curler opened a little bit more; I have to work a little harder to get my lashes into the curler.

I hope that this post makes sense; I was distracted watching Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl IIIIV while writing this. So cute! Happy Puppy Bowl, or happy Super Bowl if you prefer! I loved the Kitty Half-Time Show! They looked a little scared of the confetti finale.

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