Owl Charm!


Owl Charm!

I love owls. I am so lucky to live in a place where I get to see real owls from time to time. I don’t get to see them too often, owls are very secretive. They like to hide. Usually, when I get to see them, it is almost dawn or almost sunset. They are usually taking a rest on top of a telephone pole or on the guard rail along side the road. The best owl experience that I have ever had was driving on a dirt road. In the right lane of the road, a Great Horned Owl was just standing there in the dirt. He probably just finished eating a mouse or something. He looked like a giant cat; the horned ears really look like cat ears, especially at night. He was about two feet tall and really bulky looking. He looked like he could eat house cats if he felt like it. As the car drove up slowly, he put one of his ears down. He looked annoyed that we were trying to drive where he was eating. The car got within two feet of the owl before he casually flew off into the ditch. His face was so pretty, so bold. I loved his eyeliner! I love how pissed off owls look. This owl seemed a little bit grayer than what a google search of great horned owl produces. It was late summer when I saw him though, so maybe he was molting. I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph a real owl, yet, hopefully someday I will! For now I will have to take pictures of this green owl, he didn’t seem to mind.


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