Zoya Blogger Collection


Zoya Blogger Collection

I recently canceled my Birch Box subscription and had a lot of points to spend. I didn’t find a lot on the Birch Box site that I wanted, but this nail polish set seemed nice. I don’t really feel like these colors now, but I know that I will love them this summer!


This set is exclusive to the Birch Box site and costs $22.00.


This set contains three sheer, jelly shades. One shade has shimmer, the other two do not.


Coraline is a bright jelly orange shade. I would say this orange has a good balance of yellow and red. This is a jelly polish, so it is sheer. In the picture, I am wearing four coats. You can still see my nail line, too. The polish applied evenly.


Kate is a bright ruby red jelly polish. This color is a mix of pink and red. This polish applied evenly, but it was thicker and more difficult to apply than Coraline and Belle. I have three coats on my nails. You can still see my nail line, but I didn’t want to try another coat because it would never dry.


Belle is a coral pink jelly polish with fine gold glitter and pink shimmer. This was two coats. You can still see my nail line, but the shimmers make it much more opaque appearing than the other shades. This polish applied easily.

I really like this set and I know that I will get a lot of use out of it this summer. When I wear them in the future, I will probably paint them over a white or nude polish. This will get rid of the nail line, without having to wait for so many coats to dry. These apply evenly, so you can use them for sheer looks. I am not sure if I like a sheer look on me, my nails tend to be long and there is quite a bit of contrast between the tips and the rest of my nails. I am excited to see how bright these can get over a white base. I am glad I picked these up. I also want to try the jelly sandwich style of manicure and the syrup style of manicure that I have seen on the web with these polishes. If I try them out, I will post about it.



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