Climbing Bookshelves


Climbing Bookshelves

This is my cat Gypsy. She is about two years old and very curious. She has tiger stripes on her legs and back and she has leopard spots on her stomach. She also has a very short tail. Sometimes I call her tail a stump.


I took these pictures because Gypsy did something naughty that she had never done before. She climbed onto the back of the sofa and then jumped on top of a very tall bookshelf. This bookshelf is so tall that I would have to get a step ladder to get her down if she couldn’t get down by herself. I love how she looks like she is robbing birdhouses.


She sat hunched like this for a few minutes. I think she forgot how she got on top of the bookshelf and was contemplating jumping onto an end table with a lamp on it. She didn’t attempt this jump, fortunately. I love her eyeliner, she looks like a little owl cat


Climbing around the bookshelf made her feet dirty. Apparently I haven’t dusted up there often enough, thanks for reminding me Gypsy. I am definitely a cat lady; I could take pictures of my cat all day long. Does anyone else’s pets get into trouble like Gypsy?


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