Zoya Marley


Zoya Marley

Zoya Marley is a very pale lilac cream polish with silver shimmer. Lilac is a pink leaning light purple, whereas lavender is a blue leaning light purple, at least to me!


There is a decent amount of gray to this color. This makes the color very muted.


This was three coats. This polish was thin and streaky. Had this polish not been so streaky, I would only have needed two coats. You can still see brush strokes a little bit. When I wore this polish, the brush strokes were only noticeable when I really examined my nails. I had a hard time staying in the lines with this polish.


With all that said, I still love this polish. It is the lightest lilac polish I have and I think it’s worth the extra effort. My photos have this polish looking just a tiny bit grayer than it is in person, with the exception of the polish on my nails. The polish on my nails is true to color. I love how soft this color is, but on the nails it still makes an impact. Because it’s so light, it makes a nice contrast. The sliver shimmers are very fine and aren’t very noticeable inside. Inside the polish looks like it’s catching a lot of light; outside you can see the shimmers.


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