Gems & Jewels

Gems & Jewels 

For christmas I got a gift card from Sephora and with it  I got this cute little black mirror. It’s really well made and slim so I carry it in my purse for makeup touch ups. This weekend I noticed that it was getting a little scratched up so I  thought why not cover it up with some jewels and gems and make it cute and fun! So I pulled out some of my gems and cabochan pieces and glued them on.



For this project I used:

E 6000 craft glue

Compact mirror ( any sized compact mirror works)

Gems and Jewels ( I bought mine at Hobby Lobby ,Walmart and the kitty came from ebay)

I laid out all the pieces prior to glueing them down so that I didn’t have large gaps or blank areas. Then I glued down the big pieces first and filled in the rest of the area with the smaller pieces. I let it set for about a day and then cleaned up the glue around the edges.

I really like the way it turned out. It’s the perfect size for my purse and its cuter than ever. I cant wait to do this to my other things like my glasses case, Nintendo DS, and calculator! 🙂



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