Hangin’ Out With Hawks


Hangin’ Out With Hawks

Today was cold, gray, and foggy. I was looking outside at the weather, full of woe, when I noticed a hawk in the tree. I carefully snuck off, ninja style, so I didn’t disturb the hawk to grab my camera. I snuck back, undetected, camera in hand and quickly snapped a few pictures. Then the phone rang, which made my dog bark, and startled the hawk. He flew away before I could get more than two photographs. Unfortunately, my pictures were out of focus and not framed up the way I would have wanted. Not to mention that the sun was setting, oh well. I adjusted the pictures and thought they were still good enough to show.


This picture shows how dark it was outside. I edited the other one so you could see his face better, it was blurry and dark. I love how you can see the fluffy feathers on his stomach. I think that this was a cooper’s hawk. Hawks end up in my yard a lot in the winter time. I think that they have trouble finding food in the snow covered fields in the winter, so they come into town to eat sparrows and finches. I have watched him in this tree a lot, but every time that I move to go get my camera, he leaves. I have even seen him eating a smaller bird in the tree; it was a little hardcore. Don’t worry, there is a ton of tiny birds, and he needs to eat too! He eats the little birds that get sick before they can get an entire flock sick. I am not sure if this one is an adult, he seems smaller than others that I have seen. Hopefully I can get some better pictures in the future!


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